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Hi all,

First post on this list, so I figured it might be fun to rant a bit.

To get things out of the way quickly, I was wondering if there was a contact/mechanism for updating the links/tutorials on the website?  Some of the tutorials that are shown there are either lacking a bit, or tend to look a bit dated.

As an example, I'll address the "Color2BW" by Eric R. Jeschke.

While the ideas presented are great, it feels lacking a bit, as some options are not shown.

I run a blog where I'm writing up GIMP tutorials as I find the time (http://blog.patdavid.net/p/getting-around-in-gimp.html).  Almost all of my content is licenses CC-BY-SA for instance.

I'd love to submit the rather long (5 parts), but reasonably complete tutorial for grayscale conversion that I wrote a few months back for consideration for the tutorials section of the site:


I have a bunch of other tutorials as well, so feel free to use any of them.

If it's needed, I'd be happy to modify and/or sanitize the text/images/html for inclusion on the site.

I was just thinking that a more up to date tutorial might be more helpful to others.

Pat David

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