[Gimp-web] Request to be listed as a mirror site.


We have set up a Mirror Site for the GIMP, which can be access trough the
following protocols:

FTP:  ftp://mirrors.go-part.com/gimp/
HTTP:  http://mirrors.go-part.com/gimp/
RSYNC:   rsync://mirrors.go-part.com/gimp/

The mirror is running over a VPS located at Tokyo, Japan. And it's updated
daily using RSYNC.

We will like to be added to the list of Mirror Sites, We already have submitted a ticket
 to Bugzilla (Bug 691793) but seems that nobody is checking that section.

There is any other step we need to fulfill in order to get our mirror listed?
Or somebody else who I may contact for that?

Thank you so much for the help!

Kind regards.

Otoniel Ortega,
IT Department - go-part.com.

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