Re: [Gimp-web] GIMP Site Redesign

El 04/04/13 07:42, Kasim Ahmic escribió:
I only picked the brick wall image because it was similar to the one in the design we were given. I don't 
plan on keeping it like that but I'm having some difficulty finding something else that fits there. Any 

I've considered constraining the header as well but never got around to doing it. I'll do it in the next 

The navigation bar struck me as weird while I was coding it. It seemed out of order but then I remembered 
that with the redesign, might come a change in paths and directories of the site. I'll leave it like that for 
now til I know for certain what the links are going to be and if we'll even use this design.

Thanks for the feedback. It really helps a lot!

I think the brick wall could be replaced by the same image used as background for the splash screen, with the same treatment.


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