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It looks so much better than the actual version. Please continue and hopefully gets that redesign soon!

I uploaded a screenshot for 1366x768 notebook screen and firefox

You know to test it under different browsers an screen resolutions?!

m Montag, den 01.04.2013, 15:15 -0400 schrieb Kasim Ahmic:
I was sifting through my email when I just so happened to find this old topic. I found Mike's concept design and decided to try and code it again. Here's what I came up with in about 3-4 hours:

It's about 70% done. I still have to add the navigation bar up top, add images of GIMP in the slideshow, actually style the slideshow, add the logos, and make it look better on larger monitors. I use an old 1024x768 monitor so I have no way of knowing how it'll look on larger ones :/ Although someone was kind enough to send me this:

I still have quite a bit of work left but I just thought I'd share what I've done so far. As for the text, I know someone mentioned to stay away from saying stuff like "for pros" but I just used that as dummy text til we come up with something different.

What do you guys think?

On Fri, Apr 6, 2012 at 1:14 PM, gespertino gmail com <gespertino gmail com> wrote:
2012/3/12 Mike Finch <info 1sixty com>

2) "Free" is a difficult concept for mainstream users.  For those in this community the difference is obvious because it's at the core of who you are as an open-source advocate..  To a 19 year old kid that frequents instead of Slashdot, diving into the true definition of "Free" is going to confuse the hell out of them.  I agree that the design should reference that it's Free Software, but I'd rather error on the side of mainstream users than the pros in this community.

"Free" will stay a difficult concept for mainstream as long as mainstream users aren't familiar with it :)
Avoiding the term won't help.
GIMP is free software and now that it was relicensed as (L)GPL v3 it's freer than ever.
Perhaps "Free/Libre" instead of just "free" helps to avoid the confusion with "free as in beer", but we shouldn't replace or avoid the concept. It's important.
And if you want to educate mainstream about what Free software is, you can make every mention of Free software a link to a page with an explanation. It's hypertext after all :)

4) There's a fine-line between staging this as a "high-end application" and "for pros".  While I would agree that GIMP is indeed a high-end application, it's not an application used by "pros".  To keep GIMP's marketing messages authentic, it'd be best to explain that GIMP is absolutely top-notch software, but targeted for an intermediate, mid-level user who wants to make kick-ass photos/icons/whatever.

Personally, I'd avoid both ("high end" and "for pros").
First things first: we can't do high-end manipulation with GIMP yet.
As long as we don't have high bit depth (and probably a non-destructive workflow), GIMP will be pretty harsh with our images quality and claiming it provides high-end image quality isn't acurate. Things are going to change, but atm this is what we have.
"Pro" is a tricky term too. In spanish a professional is just somebody getting a living from certain activity, which s/he performs with a reasonable grade of expertise.
According that definition, anyone working with GIMP, or even MS Paint, creating stuff that looks fine and pays the bills with it is a professional.
Me, for instance. I'm a professional graphic designer using only free software. I have a Graphic Design degree, I get a living doing graphic design and my work has a reasonable quality. If you ask me if GIMP is ready for professional work, I'll say yes and I can prove it.
But if I moved to a high-end market where everyone works with bleeding-edge technology, where everything is likely proprietary, probably I'd be in trouble.
Saying what is and what isn't "professional" depends on the context where the work is done, and that word will have different meanings depending who reads it.

Just my 2 cents

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