[Gimp-web] Merging developer.gimp.org into the wiki (Was: [Gimp-developer] Cross-compile for and packaging/testing on Windows)

On 12.11.12 at 05:25 AM Jehan Pagès wrote in Gimp-developer:
Indeed I think it could be a little more centralized. Between
developer.gimp.org <http://developer.gimp.org>, the wiki, what is in the
repo, etc. I am a little lost and end up spending more time on search
engines than in the doc. :-/

I agree and am under the impression that developer.gimp.org isn't much maintained anymore and some items have a duplicate counterpart in the wiki. How about merging it into the wiki? At least all development related stuff was then in one place and it would be easier to maintain.

What do you (the reader) think about it?

Kind regards,


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