Re: [Gimp-web] GIMP Site Redesign

On Mon, Mar 5, 2012 at 3:21 AM, Mike Finch wrote:
> Hey all,
> On the topic of redesign, I suggest GIMP goes in this direction:

Finally, branding, colors and visuals.

Barnding. As pointed out earlier, branding needs revisiting anyway.
The font has to be changed, the monochrome logo needs some work too.

Colors and background. Personally, I'm not really sure about the brick
wall and the ochre color that seems to be trying to match it. I'd use
a tad more saturated orange color. And I'd really like to know what
message the brick wall is trying to convey :) That we are into
industrial style?

Visuals. I see that all the pictures use one or two layers at most.
This has got to change. Lots of layers and masks  -- that's what the
pros are used to. If we really want to demonstrate that one can do
some abstract art with GIMP, then it should be clear that the design
was created in GIMP, and it's not just a PNG opened in the app. Also,
if we demonstrate a photo, it should be really polished regarding
colors: the one currently used in the first promo shot has dull sky.
It should also demo state of the art UI which is now single-window
mode all the way. We also have to be sure about licenses of the images
that we use.

I realize that this is a lot of critics towards just an initial mockup
which I personally find great, but I think that a number of points
should be made upfront :)

Thanks again, and I'm looking forward towards the future cooperation!

Alexandre Prokoudine

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