Re: [Gimp-web] GIMP Site Redesign

Hi Mike.
It's a very nice design. I liked it a lot and I'd like to see that design landing in
Just a few comments:
- Typography: That's Helvetica, isn't it? If that's not a freely available webfont I guess we won't be able to use it. And since it's 2012, rasterizing titles won't be an option ;-)
What about using a free webfont from Free fonts would make more sense than proprietary for a free software project.
- Maybe we should discuss what desktop theme to use for the screenshots. IMO the default gnome3 desktop would be more appropriate than the theme used (which is Ubuntu's and it isn't even the default theme in that system). This remark isn't about aesthetics, but making it easier to contributors to create new screenshots for the site. It would be more consistent if all of us use the same theme for that.
- I'm not sure about the monochrome Wilber. It's true that the current incarnations of the mascot will probably look too cartoonish for that design, but I don't think this version looks much better to replace it.
- I know it's example content, but be careful about some titles like "Professional Level Photo filters". Many users (and even developers) can argue that the current state of filters and tools aren't ready for high end editing, based on the lack of high bit depth processing. Since most of people seem to think that professional is necessarily high-end, this could start again endless flamewars. So I'd avise to avoid that kind of stuff.
- The brick wall looks really cool there, but why is it there? Is it example texture or is it supposed to say something about the product? (I hope it isn't a placeholder saying "bang your head here" :-p)

Apart from that I insist that it's a very beautiful design, well organized, easy to the eyes and with information hierarchies that feel just right.


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