Re: [Gimp-web] Request as Downloadmirror Partner

hoffmann 1a-infosysteme de (hoffmann 1a-infosysteme de) wrote:
> In this section we would like to build up a download mirror for
> Gimp, all downloads are redactional processed and introduced to our
> users. It would be great if you can always informed about the latest
> version and if you could list us as a download mirror partner of
> you.

You're welcome to set up a mirror of the gimp FTP server, hints for the
procedure are available at
If your mirror works in a reasonable manner (i.e. the pages are not
riddled with ads and/or tracking cookies) we'll add you to the list on
this page:

To be informed about new downloads you can mirror our server via rsync
in regular intervals and watch what changed, or you subscribe to the
usual mailinglists and wait for the announcements.

Note that there are tons of redactionally maintained download portals
shipping gimp. To my knowledge we do not yet have any dedicated
partnership with individual portals, and in my opinion we'd need some
*very* strong arguments to start with singeling out individual partners.

I hope this helps,

              simon budig de    

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