[Gimp-user] Mouse Becomes unresponsive with several tools

A few days ago, I noticed in GIMP, while using the Path tool, that my Mouse
Wheel no longer moved the slider up and down. In addition, when I hovered my
mouse pointer over the tool icons, they were not highlighted. I am able to
restore functionality to GIMP by shaking my mouse cursor or clicking several
times, though this is hampering my art abilities.

In addition, when using the Pencil or Erase tool, sometimes after using it, the
pixel location marker (which normally sticks by the mouse at all times on the
canvas) gets stuck where it was last used, but my mouse cursor still moves fine.
clicking on the canvas again uses the tool normally and the marker moves to the
new position, but this also appears to be a Glitch.

This began with version 2.10.22. I downloaded and installed the latest 2.10.24
version, and the glitch still persists. I do have two plugins installed: Remove
Small Tangents and Text Along Path, the first one is critical as I rely heavily
on paths. So should I try uninstalling those?

Leon13DM (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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