Re: [Gimp-user] Issues with text along path

On 04/09/2020 15:34, Techno wrote:
I've downloaded your plug-in and I've put it in
my C:\Users\techno6\.gimp-2.8\plug-ins sub-directory. I've restarted
GIMP 2.8 twice, but I can't find the plug-in in GIMP.

Can you tell me where it should be in GIMP?

Depends where you look. The plugin comes with an extensive documentation
(HTML file with may images). The plugin is not accessed from the Image
window menu, but in the right-click menu of the "Paths" list.

I think I've used the previous version some years ago. I used it once
and no longer remember how to use it. Could you let me know where to
look for it and how to use it? Thanks.

As above, the ZIP contains an HTML file that explains most everything....

This link gives me a page that says, "Sorry, the page you were looking
for in this blog does not exist. "

Try this one instead:

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