Re: [Gimp-user] Text with accents

On Thu, Aug 27, 2020 at 07:06:08PM -0400, Liam R E Quin wrote:
On Thu, 2020-08-27 at 23:10 +0100, Ken Moffat wrote:
On Thu, Aug 27, 2020 at 12:11:13PM -0400, Liam R E Quin wrote:

please see my earlier reply to Patrick - the accented letters that
did not work are definitely in FreeSans, I think the difference is
that I access them via keys mapped as some-dead-accent + letter.

OK. So if you paste them into GIMP they work? Or if you click on "use
text editor" in the tool options dialogue when text is active, do they
work in the tool editor?

After a long delay, I'm at last able to come back to this -

To recap, plain text, and variants accessed directly via the AltGr
(Right Alt) key works, but letters using dead keys in my personal
keymap (AltGr+something for dead-diaeresis or whatever, + letter) do
not work.

First, Peter Keller reported that using his Compose key worked.
That does not work for me, at least not when typing directly into
the text box.

Similarly, selecting the various letters in gucharmap and copying
them to the buffer, then trying to use paste in gimp did not work at
all (I tried a full word, only one character had a accent, but
nothing got pasted).  Similarly, typing the text in a term, then
using copy+paste did not work.

Then I found the 'use editor' option in the tool options for text:
with that I was able to type the text including the accent from the
deakd key.

So, solved.

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