Re: [Gimp-user] Don't visualize Transparencies

On Sat, 2020-03-07 at 14:54 +0100, Ofnuts wrote:

Maybe i should be more detailed, i don't want to remove alpha
channel, i just
don't wwant to see the square were there is the transparency

You see this when there's nothing below that part of hte image - e.g.
you only have one layer.

One approach is to make a new layer filled with solid white (or black
or whatever) and drag it (in the layers dialogue) beneath the one with
transparency. Delete that layer before exporting the file to png or gif
(JPEG does not support transparency)

I don't advise using edit->preferences to change the way transparency
is displayed, as that will likely you bite you some time in the future,
when you try & make a transparent image and can't follow the tutorial

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