Re: [Gimp-user] In need of an older version

On Mon, Jun 29, 2020 at 7:48 PM Jacques Le Fèvre wrote:

The Gimp is useful for me for two purposes:

- Repairing scanned photos (removing scratches and stains)
- Creating pictures to post on a web site I manage.

I have two versions of the Gimp: Gimp 2.4.0-rc3 on an old laptop (ubuntu
7.10) and Gimp 2.8 on my desktop computer (Linuxmint 17).

Hello Jacques,

I have to admit I struggle understanding why you can't do any of the
below with newer versions of GIMP.

When I have to do serious picture editing, I use the older version,
because of features that are lacking on the more recent one:

- The toolbox on the left of the screen, which is very useful to switch
tools quickly and easiliy.

That's exactly where the toolbox has always been. Nothing has changed.

- The possibility of adjusting the size of text pasted on an image, as
long as it is not anchored.

You can easily do that too, with the text tool. Click inside the text
layer, Ctrl+A to select all text, then change font size in the toolbar
just above the text frame.

- The automatic closure, as a straight line, of the freehand selection tool.

I don't think I understand this one. When you use the Freehand Select
tool to make polygonal selection, all you need to do to close the
selection is to click on the beginning of your selection. That's all.

- The ease of editing foreground and background colours. I have not
found the way to even do it with the newer version.

Same as before: single or double-click on the FG or BG color in the toolbox.


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