[Gimp-user] Dithering (again)

I apologize for the repeat post, this is the first time posting here and I couldn’t figure out how to edit my 
post.  Someone mentioned I should add the before and after photo for reference so here it is.  Thanks all! 

I am using a MacBook with GIMP v 2.10.14, my question is are there different dithering options for pc 
versions? Or other options for newsprint not available in my version?  I am using GIMP to convert photos for 
printing on wood with a laser.  I am new to gimp and photo editing so I have spent a lot of time on the web 
and youtube trying to figure out how others are converting their photos.  I even had someone convert a photo 
for me to help me understand what they should look like, and how I can possibly replicate it.  Unfortunately 
I have not had any luck, the pattern I see on the photo converted for me is unlike any I am able to replicate 
with dithering in my version of GIMP or my trial and error using newsprint.  Any help advice would be 


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