Re: [Gimp-user] License Question

Hi, thank you for the replies, Liam and Jernej.

I just wanted one last thing clarified: I see Jernej mentions that the entire GIMP program is under the GPL 
because any other licensed work that may have been used would be compatible with the GPL.
And, also, it is mentioned that the free licenses, according to the licensors, only cover distribution and 
not usage. I understand this due to GPL section 9, but how is that the case for MIT?

User doesn't have to agree to any of GIMP's licenses in order to use
it - GPL–compatible licenses only govern redistribution, not usage
(they're not EULAs).

But I find that there is confusion among people since licenses like MIT (which is GPL compatible) explicitly 
mention the word "use" when listing the rights that the license give, according to the licensor. Can you 
please explain how to properly understand it (in that, it doesn't intend to govern use and only intends to 
govern distribution)?

Sorry for the long question, but basically:
I understand the GPL only covers distribution, and not usage, BUT how do I understand that the MIT only 
governs distribution?
Why do so many people have different interpretations because some say it (the MIT) is an agreement that does 
cover usage, which interpretation is correct?

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On Thu, 2020-06-18 at 18:25 +0000, Muhammad Ali via gimp-user-list
Hi, with regards to licenses:
Firstly, is versions of the GPL the only licenses that covers GIMP
code? Or are there some parts of GIMP source code covered by a
different license like, for example, Apache 2.0.

This was already answered i think.

Secondly, if there are some parts of the source code covered by a
different license, does an end-user, according to you, agree to those
extra licenses as well? or, according to you, does the end user only
receive the entire source code (including the different license
parts) licensed under the terms of the GPLv3?

There are two separate issues here.

First, as pointed out in another response, the GPL applies to people
distributing GIMP (although that includes the GIMP authors)...

Second, you get all the source, although you only need the source, in
general, if you want to modify GIMP, or to compile it yourself, e.g.
ona computer systemfor which there are no binary packages available.

Liam (slave ankh)

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