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On Thursday, June 18, 2020, 20:25:18, Muhammad Ali via gimp-user-list wrote:

Hi, with regards to licenses:
Firstly, is versions of the GPL the only licenses that covers GIMP
code? Or are there some parts of GIMP source code covered by a
different license like, for example, Apache 2.0.

Some parts of GIMP's source code are covered by the LGPL; GIMP also
depends on some 3rd party components which have different licenses,
but AFAIK, they're all compatible with GPL.

Secondly, if there are some parts of the source code covered by a
different license, does an end-user, according to you, agree to
those extra licenses as well? or, according to you, does the end
user only receive the entire source code (including the different
license parts) licensed under the terms of the GPLv3?

User doesn't have to agree to any of GIMP's licenses in order to use
it - GPL–compatible licenses only govern redistribution, not usage
(they're not EULAs).

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