Re: [Gimp-user] approches used for language detection on images ...

On 1/29/20 1:52 PM, JWein wrote:
You need (1) feature extraction, finding the writing, (2) OCR of some
sort, to turn pictures of letters into letters, and then (3) the
linguistic Analysis.
  Hey Liam:

Thank you, and yes, I could guess the way to go would be through the steps you
outline, but I am pretty sure some other gimp developers have trodden those
paths before and may have some tips to share.

Gimp is not really about OCR.

You would also have to define the range of languages you are interested
in. For instance you can't OCR Cyrillic without knowing it's cyrillic,
because many glyphs are undistinguishable from similar latin glyphs but
have a different Unicode point, and can be unrelatedĀ  characters.

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