[Gimp-user] Lasso tool (bug?)

I mainly use gimp for memes, which includes heavy cutting and pasting. Due to
the way I do this, the lasso tool is my most used tool. I've never had a problem
with it until today, when I was trying to cut out an image of one of my friends,
it started acting up.

About half of the time, when I make a point with the lasso tool, the line
following your cursor from that point won't pop up. Also when this happens, I
can't use my scroll wheel which means I can't move the picture or zoom in or
out. To fix it I have to click somewhere outside the image. This gets annoying
really quickly and I set a lot of points to get exact edges so it happens
frequently and is hard to deal with. Any fixes?

PhoenixGamer36 (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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