[Gimp-user] Gimp's workplace layout request

Hello everyone,

Here's my workplace that I pretty much made and now "inherited" from my
Photoshop days.

I'm a professional photographer working for Gettyimages & iStockphoto. 

I use two monitor setup. The entire first monitor is reserved for one
image only with only toolbox being visible. Toolbox by itself has all
kind of controls and tools are NOT grouped (sorry guys). 

The 2nd monitor has all kind of controls. However, the absolute crucial
controls for me are:

1. Histogram
2. Layers / Channels / Paths
3. Undo history
4. Pointer tool for CMYK values / Pallete

This setup is efficient for my workflow, leaving the entire screen for
one image only, big zooming without clutter. With full screen mode and
toolbox removed I basically have a single image on 99.99% of screen.
I use combination of white and dark background that I can switch back
and forth with two keys.

The 2nd monitor has about 50% of space utilized for Gimp. It's more
than enough, leaving space for other programs to be visible.

That'd be all. Hope I helped a bit. 

All I know this will be my workspace for years to come, don't plan to
change anything as I got used to it a lot. Been using this kind of
layout since 2012. in PS and now Gimp.

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