Re: [Gimp-user] No gimp-python in Debian (Testing)

Scratch my previous replies.

There are two issues here. The first is to make python2.7 and friends,
including gimp-python, available in a system running testing. This could
perhaps be done by running a mixed stable/testing system. I've done this is
the past without major issues, but you'll need to set things like the
default release (APT::Default-Release "testing";) and other stuff.

Something like this is discussed here.

The second issue is what happens when gimp-python *has* to be updated to
python3 some time in the future? Then all the python2.7 plugins will break.
Now the GIMP people do not supply the plugins and the best that they could
do is to publicise the change well in advance. Perhaps there could be two
gimp-pythons? There will still be plugins that don't get updated,
of course. There's nothing that the GIMP people can do about that.



On Wed, Feb 19, 2020 at 4:53 PM Cliff Pratt <enkiduonthenet gmail com>

What distro are you using? python2.7 and the rest are available on Debian
10. I think it is an issue for the distro creators to address as all the
necessary packages exist in vanilla Debian.



On Wed, Feb 19, 2020 at 3:51 PM Scott Jacobs via gimp-user-list <
gimp-user-list gnome org> wrote:

Do you have python installed? On my Ubuntu system the 'python' package
is 2.7.
I had not.

The second dpkg call, where I attempted to install both gimp-python and
python-gtk2 from my previous
debian install (in another partition), apparently left a record of its
attempt, for when I called up synaptic
to see if python was installed, python and six or eight other
python-related packages were already selected
for install to correct 'broken' packages.
Once I let it install them, I called the dpkg call again, and was

Note that my success was only because I had my earlier debian install
available to raid, and that the apt
package cache had not been cleaned out and the two packages were right

Someone who had newly come to debian testing or sid, or had erased his
previous install when installing,
or who had been a good housekeeper and cleaned out his cached packages,
would not have had the option
that was ultimately successful for me.

I assume gimp-python will have to be updated to use python3 at some
point, or more and more people will
find that GIMP no longer will be able to run python plugins.
(I don't know if all, some or few of the plugins will have to be updated
as well - if the Python API has changed
enough to be a problem for legacy Python apps/plugins, or not...)
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