[Gimp-user] No gimp-python in Debian (Testing)

At some point after I first installed Debian (last year), the gimp-python package disappeared from Debian 
I already had it, so never noticed...

I just did a clean install of Debian Testing LXQt, installed GIMP, moved over my Resynthesizer-based plugins,
and tried to use Heal Selection.

It complained about Python, and I remembered from the previous install that for some reason, gimp-python
was not automatically pulled in on Debian, and I had had to install it separately before Heal Selection would 

So, now I opened up Synaptic and searched for "gimp" and then looked down the list for anything 
(not yet remembering the exact name), and didn't find anything that sounded right.
I did a google search to find the exact name, and returned to Synaptic, and IT WAS NOT THERE.

I now vaguely remembered reading something about Debian and Python...

Googling it now, I found:
"Debian and Ubuntu to remove Python 2 packages
Python 2 is set to reach its end of life on January 1st 2020, a mere four months away now. 
As such, Debian and ultimately Ubuntu will be looking to drop the current Python 2 packages in the next 
release cycle.

Debian 10 ‘Buster’ has recently been released, and will of course still be supporting Python 2 within its 
However, with an eye to Debian 11, codenamed ‘Bullseye’, the team are going to be dropping the legacy Python 
2 code
and instead focus on adopting Python 3 in the relevant core packages.
Debian Stable still has it (2.10.8-2), and I can see it depends on Python 2.7:
"dep: python
interactive high-level object-oriented language (Python2 version)
dep: python-gtk2 (>= 2.8.0)
Python bindings for the GTK+ widget set
dep: python2.7
Interactive high-level object-oriented language (version 2.7)

What if anything is being done to help people who use python plug-ins, and thus need gimp-python?

Should I assume that even if gimp moves to Python 3.x, that the various python plug-ins would have to be 
to use Python 3.x?

For now, would an app-image contain within itself the gimp-python code that would allow Heal Selection and 
other python
plugins to function?

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