[Gimp-user] crop to content

Running behind on trying things but here's an update.

I zoomed in on the photos processed by the version of the script I used (the
"new"version), and there is a 3-pixel-wide strip (of varying intensity and
color, if a color image) all around the edges that causes the visible artifacts
I see.

@rich404 I did not get to try it yet, but I expect that edge is what your trim
script would remove, with a setting of 3. I don't exactly understand yet how
your script works, but when I read about zealous crop, it seemed a bit risky.

Instead I tried "select all", brought up the rectangle select tool options, then
clicked inside the image to transfer the size and position info into the
options. From there, I could manually reduce the offsets by 3 and sizes by 6.
Then my lack of Gimp experience appears, because "Crop" does not remove the
pixels outside of the selection! I need to figure that out. However, this could
lead to a straightforward zealous-free way of cleaning up the script result.

Still need to try Rich's trim, and the original script.

@rich404 BTW, the new version script came with a deskew,exe but had me install
it elsewhere. It came from http://francoismalan.com. You can find it by
searching for "How to batch separate & crop multiple scanned photos".

@rich404 Regards bimp - I actually installed it the day before posting here,
figuring I would need it. Have yet to try it though.

geop (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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