Re: [Gimp-user] click and drag issue

Thank you so much. I had given up on GIMP and was at my wits end. This
explains everything.
I will give GIMP another try.

Thank you,
Stella Owen

On Fri, Aug 14, 2020 at 5:58 PM Techno <techno6 glib com> wrote:

I've just gotten onto this mailing list so I'm answering a question I
saw on the Web site, as opposed to answering an E-mail.

I have had a mouse issue too. Some things in GIMP, not all things, just
suddenly wouldn't work with the mouse. For example, I couldn't get the
cropping tool to work right, and other things could not be chosen with
the mouse. But other things were accessible for the mouse.

It was mostly in GIMP, but I then found the mouse not being its usual
self in other applications as well. This was with GIMP 2.8.10 on Windows

It seems that this happened after a Windows 10 "upgrade." Not long after
this I had rebooted and there was another Windows 10 "upgrade" or
something and the mouse worked fine.

So this may be something that's mostly related to the chaos that
sometimes ensues after a Windows 10 "upgrade." I hope it get fixed for you.
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