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Any foresight for an implementation of GIMP 2.10.18 for MacOS?  [I mean
official, not MacPorts (that uses XQuartz) nor Partha's].

Isn't it you who already asked at least twice the same thing? The answer is
still the same as we told you several times already. Our (unique!) macOS
contributor has not been available for like more than a month. And to be
fair, I don't care as much about the macOS version of GIMP as I am worried
about this contributor and hoping he (and his family) is still fine as we
get no news.

Since you knew already about the situation, a bit of compassion would not
be a bad thing.

If GIMP has problems with MacOS, what are these problems?

Isn't *no contributor* enough of a problem by itself? The problem is that
nobody seem to care enough to help this package happen (only enough to
**ask** for it apparently). We have called for contributors so many times
over the years (and again recently, so much there has even been a French
specialized mac-news website who relayed the call a few weeks ago!).
This contributor could be you if you want to help packaging!
The current version of scripts are there:

There are only 3 possible outcomes:
1/ This contributor finally comes back and he continues *alone* 😢 to do
all the mac packaging.
2/ Other people finally show they care by contributing.
3/ A mix of 1/ and 2/ which is the best outcome!

In none of these scenarios just asking without contributing helps in any
Thanks for either helping or understanding. 🙂


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