[Gimp-user] Neophyte questions

Attempting to migrate from PS to GIMP.
In PS I learned > Cut to New Layer in ~10 seconds, used it in 2 seconds.  In
GIMP I'm wasting far too much time... Help!
I attempted about X00 times to Rectangular Select > Cut a historic photo image
from it's antique border and paste it onto a new layer.  After ~X00 attempts, I
was still unable to enjoy my selection surrounded by 'marching ants'.  After far
too many hours, I stumbled into an unrelated GIMP forum unrelated conversation
that included "Do a Select > None."   So after .5 lifetimes, I tried that and
somehow rectangular 'marching ants' appeared.  What does Select > None have to
do with anything?  How do I determine what is / is not on my clipboard?

Cut to New Layer was (if that's possible) much worse.  Of course I tried
creating a new layer and Cut > Paste to it.  I tried letting various flavors of
Paste create a new layer.  This, I guess sporadically produced a worthless
'Floating Layer'.  What does a Floating Layer have to do with anything?  I tried
anchoring everything to everything including my forehead.  Sometimes the Anchor
Button disappeared for a month.  What does anchoring have to do with anything?

But even more delightful (if that's possible), the Edit > Cut choice goes dark
for a month.  This, of course, allows zero cutting until I revert to an earlier
version of my work from a few months earlier.  What are advantages of Edit > Cut
going dark?  Did I breach my Edit > Cut limit?  Did I fail cutting too many
times?  Just curious.

And what else could I stumble into that could possibly make GIMP even more
unproductive than I describe above?  Well, after about 85,623 attempts to Select
Cut > Paste, I observe the following:
(1)  Zero pixels from my original Selection ever disappeared from my source
layer;  My source layer has no 'hole' in it, as I expect from a 'Cut'.
(2)  Zero pixels from my original Selection ever appeared on my new target
layer;  My new target layer has zero pixels or material from my source layer via
'Cut > Paste'.

Does GIMP Help help?  Apparently not.  If Help helped, I would not have written
this sorry saga.

Thank you for your help in this matter,

lschell88 gmail com

Adobero (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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