[Gimp-user] IImprovements to unified transform

The functionality displayed in the video is impressive but, if I understand it
correctly, the Readjust button repositions all of the handles (including the
centre of rotation) within the current visible area.

This doesn't get around the pain of having to zoom in to see the results of a
transformation and then zoom back out to continue dragging the handles or
rotating (without changing the centre of rotation).

What would be really useful is if the effects of the UT tool were visible on all
of the opened views of the image - the UT tool could then be used on a zoomed
out view whilst one or more zoomed in windows could be used to check the effect
in detail.

Would it be possible to include an option for doing this whilst you are working
on this section of the code?

A number of improvements are coming to the transform tools in 2.10.10:
The tools' dialog got a new "Readjust" button, which repositions all
the handles within view, so that they're easily accessible when zoomed
in.  Additionally, the forward and backward transform directions can
linked, which allows moving the handles without affecting the
transformation, letting you manually readjust their position.  You can
see this in action here:


What's going on behind the scenes is that, unlike in previous
versions, the forward and backward transform directions can each be
controlled separately -- the area enclosed by the handles in the
backward direction is transformed into the area enclosed by the
in the forward direction.  When the two directions are linked, moving
the handles in one of the transform directions compensates in the
direction, in such a way that the overall transformation remains
unchanged ("Readjust" works similarly).  I'm told this is all too
crazy, but what the hell :)


programmer_ceds (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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