[Gimp-user] premium editing

What do you mean by 'Premium Editing'?  If you are asked to pay for
Gimp in any way,  avoid like a plague. It is a scam. There is an
on-line android cloud thingy that uses Gimp as a base - not a nice

If you use Gimp primarily for photography you should go to
https://discuss.pixls.us/ and ask your questions there. Full of

OK. A quick search and Amazon came up with:
Premium-Professional-Editing-Software-Windows  which is a $12 disk. It is a
standard Gimp. What you are paying for is:

1. The disk and shipping.

2. Some extras: PixelClassics exclusives include 800+ page PDF English manual
included on disc, plus easy to use installation menu (PC Only), email support
and more!

Well you can get a Gimp PDF manual for download here:
http://gimp.linux.it/www/meta/ only cost is your time to download. Up to date:
1000 pages  The Windows Gimp from gimp.org already comes with an easy-to-use

Need help and support. Use one of the regular Gimp forums: gimp-forum.net / 
gimpchat.com / gimplearn.net  /  pixls.us

rich404 (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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