Re: [Gimp-user] New image too large?

On 7/11/19 10:45 AM, Eoraptor wrote:
Hello. I have only just installed Gimp and the first thing that happens is when
I try to open a new image at say, 24 inches x 20 inches with a resolution of
300ppi is get a message saying ' You are trying to create an image with a size
of 1.6 Gb' and goes on to tell me that this image size exceeds the maximum
allowable. I can't work out how a blank image area of these dimensions amounts
to anything bigger than about 123Mb., as the same space shows up as in
Photoshop. Am I doing something wrong here?

So you have 43MPx, and the 123MB assume 3bytes/pixels for a single
layer., But Gimp will have the layer, the displayed image (compositing
of existing layers, the previous vesion of the layer...) so you there is
a multiplication factor your for your initial layer. When you do this,
you image is around 400MB with the usual 8-bits/channel precision.

But you get over 1GB because in your advanced options your image is
32-bit floating- point, so this is 4 bytes per channel, instead of 1.

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