Re: [Gimp-user] from the shadows . . .

On 6/29/19 6:19 PM, dep wrote:
greetings, everybody.

one of the things i've long hoped for, that photoshop has had and gimp
hadn't but now does in 2.10.x, is the highlight/shadow controls.

but i'm a bit puzzled by one aspect, and i'm hoping someone here can help
me sort what i'm getting wrong.

when i use the shadow control to bring detail out of the muck, past a
certain point it also adds blotchiness to areas such as the sky. should i
try to generally select the areas i want to de-shadow, or is there some
other control or setting that will help with this? the three sliders at
the bottom of the control, white point, radius, and compress, are not
particularly intuitive to me, but i'm guessing some relief might be found

i suppose i could experiment, but i thought if the answer is known and
simple i needn't try to discover it.

thanks in advance.

The answer is luminosity masks:

Basically, you make selections where the selection amount on a given
pixel is proportional to the closeness of the pixel's luminosity to the
range of luminosity you want to process.

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