Re: [Gimp-user] from the shadows . . .

said Liam R E Quin:

| The bit depth is about the amount of information stored in each pixel -
| a JPEG image is limited to 8 bits per channel, so 24 bits in RGB, per
| pixel. You could work in 32bit floating point mode in GIMP, but when
| you exported the JPEG image it'd be exported as 8-bit. So yes, it's
| entirely to do with the particular image.

Right, yes. I was thinking more as to the importation of a jpeg, 
improvement of it in GIMP, and exporting as a .png or suchlike, to 
preserve the gradations introduced in GIMP. Which is to say that I'd like 
to set a GIMP default to 32 bits while in GIMP, no matter the bit depth of 
the original image. Does this make sense?

Some pictures:

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