[Gimp-user] Crash after new install

I just updated (not uninstall first) from Gimp 2.08 to 2.10 on a
Win32bit Win7 machine. After running the install program this popped
on the screen. Gimp 2.08 was running before without crashing.

If any suggestions can be had, i'll listen; because I deleted the old
Gimp 2.08 install program, so I cannot revert back to the older
version, unless it is still available from any download site.

I have an attached screenshot ... 
Ok I just clicked the "OK" button in the popup box, and GIMP 2.10 loaded up and
is running ....

And I just assumed (like an idiot) that this was a usual Windows crash that
would stop GIMP from running ...
You guys did an awesome job of app recovery coding ... most of the time, a crash
like this; and your stuck with software that is broke ...

Cahjr (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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