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your best tool would be scribus 1.4.7. scribus is a page layout program
that functions similarly to adobe in design and pagemaker and quarkxpress.
you can import libreoffice or msoffice documents (maybe with a "file/save
as <filename>.<libreoffice extension>, can't recall. haven't needed it in a

the wordprocessing engine in scribus is a typesetter. scribus interprets
vector and raster images in their native format. it uses the layers
concept. you can import most common image formats (tif, jpg, etc) as well
as svg (inkscape, etc.) and ai (adobe illustrator) clipart. there is a
mailing list community of users and developers to help solve just about any
problem or situation with the program, and sometimes your hardware. once
you finalize your document, you can then directly export it to a pdf for
distribution or archiving.



On Fri, Jan 4, 2019 at 8:21 PM TomGeorge <forums gimpusers com> wrote:

You might have just caught a Gimp 2.6 with Debian 6 (EOL 2016), but
that image has the blocks of text flattened to a bitmap - not really
editable. There is also an active selection in your image that needs
promoting to a layer, if you want to progress.

Adding the card symbols. Any number of ways: The linux orthodox way,
using unicode U plus a character code.

see the attached file.

Other ways.

Do all your text in some other application such as LibreOffice which
has a special symbol facility then copy/paste into the Gimp text tool.

Use a character map and copy/paste individual symbols into the Gimp
text tool.


Then the quick-n-dirty way. Make brushes for the 4 shapes and paint in
as a "stamp"

Thanks for a very helpful reply. LibreOffice is clearly best for this job.
might someday want to use unicode characters in a drawing but I can't open
text toolbox like the one in the example zSuJxze.jpg.

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