Re: [Gimp-user] Brush sizes in GIMP

On 12/15/18 10:11 AM, stricklyprsltd look ca wrote:
I can no longer change brush sizes in Gimp 2.8

I downloaded Gimp 2.10 and still cannot change brush sizes. 

2.8 the tool box would show up with all the settings for the brushes which
were in white. But it changed to grey and would not allow changes.

2.10 does the same thing. 

It seems like "something changed" in your installed GIMP files and/or
configuration settings.  Since I don't know what would cause the problem
you describe, I can't suggest a way "back to normal" from there.

But until that underlying problem gets fixed, here's something to try:
Make some new brushes with the Brush Editor.  With any luck they may
work normally, or failing that, the editor's behavior might provide
clues to what's going on.

I love "parametric brushes," that's the kind that the brush editor
makes.  Their size, hardness and even shape can be edited.  I configure
keyboard + mouse wheel commands to increase and decrease the size and
hardness of the active brush.  That makes work like retouching photos go
WAY faster, vs. constantly changing brushes.

When I made my 'main' brush set I named them with leading zeroes so they
would always be at the top of the menu in the Brushes dialog dock.  With
a circle, square, diamond and four ellipses (vertical, horizontal and
two diagnoals) I rarely have to use any other brushes.


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