[Gimp-user] Can not reset toolbox to default

I accidentally closed down my toolbox, and when I opened it again, I could only
see the top half of it. I can select the tools I want but I can't, for example,
change the settings for opacity and such from the toolbox. It only says that I
can "drop dockable dialogs" in the area of the toolbox where there used to be
multiple settings.

When I looked up how to reset toolbox settings, it said that I first had to go
to "Edit" and then press "Preferences", but I really can't find that. Where
"Preferences" is supposed to be, I can chose wether to activate voice directing
or not (I use a mac).

I use Gimp 2.8.16
Thankful for help

Kotte (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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