[Gimp-user] How To Put A Signature On A Document?

I've researched this under join two images, etc.,  all that kind of thing, and
found many answers and noted there's many people asking the same thing.

But none of the answers work for me.

I finish up with different things different times.  sometimes no evidence of the
pasted image at all.  sometimes it hangs there as a 'crawling lines'  outline.
sometimes the whole 'base image' starts moving around as I try to position the
added image (which I've not had yet in clear form).

And so on.

Can someone please help with a definitive clear explanation?

The signature, of course,  is a little rectange mainly erased just the writing
existing.  The base image is a document.  A4.

abrogard (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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