[Gimp-user] Opening the right-click menu with a tablet stylus


I've noticed that when using a tablet stylus it's very hard to get the
menu by right-clicking the canvas. It works fine with a mouse, or if I'm
very careful to keep the stylus tip still while clicking the button on
it. However most of the time the menu just doesn't show up.
Right-clicking the stylus works as expected elsewhere in GIMP (like the
Layers list for example) and in other applications.

Using the menu bar or the little menu icon in the upper-left window
corner is fine, but I just find right-clicking more convenient.

I'm guessing that GIMP registers my right-clicks as click-and-drag
instead of just clicks. Is there some setting I can adjust to decrease
the sensitivity to right-click dragging? I'm not even sure what function
right-click-and-drag on canvas has in GIMP. It doesn't seem to do anything.

I'm using GIMP 2.8.18 on Debian Stretch.


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