Re: [Gimp-user] color calibration problems

On 12/17/19 2:14 PM, achmil wrote:

Sorry for my english but i'm a frenchy.  I use version 2.10.14 and I have
difficulties with the calibration under gimp. I use  EIZO monitor and  Epson
SC-P800   calibrated with  Istudio. I try to use the Soft Proof Mode but i
don't find it in french version. After reading the chapter 5.8, which speak
about the display filter, i don't find this on my version.

I think what you want is Edit/Preferences/Color Management

In the doc  (
we have a filter  < Calibration des couleurs > but on my screen, i haven't
this filter .  What's wrong ?

This is an old (version 2.6) manual; things have changed a lot since then.

Other question :   Preference options don't seem to work.  When I apply an
ICC profile printer, nothing happens on the screen.   Why ?  When I print,
the colors are not exact and the contrast is weakened.

Try this:
  1. Open an image you want to proof
  2. View / New View  (The new view will be the proof view
  3. In the new (proof) view:
  3a.  View / Color Management / Proof Colors (make sure it's checked)
  3b.  View / Color Management / Soft Proofing Profile
         Select the profile you want from the drop-down;
         If it is not there, choose "Select color profile from disk..."
  4. Compare the two images; they should be different.


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