[Gimp-user] Getting Toolbox to 2 columns

W10 64 Home, GIMP 2.10.14

Recently downloaded, just getting started, and can't find a way to
Toolbox from 4 to 2 columns. Preferences/window manager/utility tried.
online, etc. Help. please.
Thank you.

You can do this by closing all the tabs under the toolbox, then resize to give
just two columns of tools icons.

This does mean you close the tool options tab, which is not a good idea. I see
many, 'this does not work' caused by users who really mean, 'I have changed the
settings but do not know which setting'.

All the dock have hot spots for resizing.  There is information about setting
the Gimp interface up, often a bit long winded.

This one just for you.  https://youtu.be/-XkeScTYhho  all of two minutes

rich404 (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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