[Gimp-user] Can't move images that are faint, and can't make them darker using contrast.

An annotated jpeg is not enough. A xcf is better, with the various
layers but also depends

Didn't think an .xcf was necessary. There were only 2 layers here - a white
background layer and a layer for the lines. The final image has more layers but
at the time I was having the problem there were only 2.

However, a bit of pixel counting and I reckon a very small brush used,
maybe two pixels. 

Turns out that the problem was that this image was somehow at the wrong
resolution. It was the second in a pair of images that were supposed to be the
same canvas size and resolution. I had been working on the first image in 2.8
then switched to the second image when I upgraded to 2.10. It took me a while to
figure out that the second drawing had about 1/4 the resolution of the first.
What actually tipped me off was that my attached image came out much smaller
than I was expecting. I probably would have deleted my post at that point but I
didn't see a delete option.

Did you use a graphics tablet?

It's just a scan of a small portion of a freehand drawing.

Your very faint outline. My guess is you tried to reduce opacity so
that some layer below shows through. Not going to work. 

Yes, I reduced the opacity of that layer so that I could layer it with other
images. It works fine up to a point but once you cross a certain level of
opacity the lines get too light for the move command to "grip" onto.

Use then"move-the-active-layer" toggle in the move tool.

I had it set to active layer. That particular image was copy clipped off the
internet and put into it's own layer. There must have been something unusual
about the image because I experimented with doing this same thing with several
other layers and was not able to recreate the issue.

kbean63 (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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