Re: [Gimp-user] Bulky GIMP

On 10/21/18 4:48 PM, James Rushton wrote:
The PATHS tool Edit function simply will not work for me.  Can’t change PATH colors via Stroke. Can’t EDIT 
the Lines.  No matter what I do everything is Greyed out and inaccessible.  I have re-installed GIMP many 
times in hopes of deleting all the settings with no luck.  I am spending massive amounts of time having to 
redraw maps from scratch as a result.  I have your latest release.

Amazing program but I have no interest in becoming a Programmer to use it.

Check here for details on how the Paths tool works:

No programming is required, ever, but the GIMP is a complex tool that
can do a very wide range of jobs so it does have a learning curve...


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