[Gimp-user] different Vignette parameters 2.8 vs 2.10

Dear All,


I am new to this list.


I have a question about the Vignette filter. 


In 2.8 onder Tools, GECL tools, I often used Vignette. Mostly with a
Radiance of 1.6 or 1.7, a Softness of .8 and Gamma 1,2 or 3. I have the
habit of recording the non-default values in the new layer and/or in the
name of the exported jpg. In that way I can always trace back the steps from
the original image, and recreate a desired effect with the same parameter
values in another situation.


Now I am over to GIMP 2.10 and I find that the Vignette option under Filters
does not work in the same way! The same values of the parameters have a
different outcome. That is very annoying.  Now I have to remember for all my
images with which version of GIMP they were made.


In fact, even worse, the new Vignette filter is much less usable for me. The
maximum value of Softness is 1 and it still creates a rather sharp border to
the darker vignette area's in the corners. I prefer a much softer transition
from the center of the image to the made darker corners of the image. I
prefer a very mild vignette effect, which is even not noticeable for the
untrained eye, but which still gives a focus on the center of the image and
a little more dynamic in the light.


Question: is there a way to have in 2.10 the same Vignette result, with the
same parameter values, as in 2.8 ?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Kind regards,



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