[Gimp-user] Let's discuss about the text tool

Hi, I have been using GIMP for about 10yrs now and regarding:

I've created two issues in the GIMP Gitlab project:

- Improved font selector
- Text tool: unify all the options in one panel?

We will see what the feedback is :)

These issues, while mildly annoying have been here for years, and as others
suggested can be worked around, however.
Another issue that nobody has raised as they probably don't notice, is that when
fonts are selected & sized in mm, not points, they are incorrect. I use GIMP
(2.10.4 now) to annotate architectural drawings along with some enhancement
work. If I select a 2.5mm font in Revit, I get a 2.5mm font. For some reason,
GIMP gives me a 1.95mm font which means extra steps of scaling to 135%, then
sharpening them when I forget to check. I usually do a test on a separate layer
and end up with some weird size of 3.15mm, but when I am busy, I forget and just
assume that 2.5 will give me 2.5.
This is very annoying as it is important for this type of work - could we please
get the fonts to size correctly?

Back re scaling my drawings......

Archi-GIMP (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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