[Gimp-user] Convert 35mm Negatives to Positive

I need help from an Experienced Gimp user to help me with a project. I'm
completely new to Gimp and barely can find files and save them.  I need positive
images for 35mm Negs I shot in Greenwich Village in the 60s of various
musicians, street scenes, buildings, etc. I would like to supply these
photographs to Getty images, who is already my Photo Agency, and possibly some
of the better shots to Fine Art America. There are several people who I knew who
are writing autobiographies and want pictures of their younger selves.
My circumstances are that I've had a stroke and I need help in many ways. I'd be
willing to pay something for the help and possibly a percentage of sales. I have
no idea what sales might ever be, so you'll never get rich from helping me. But
there could be some money over years. I've been getting money from Getty since
the mid 50s to about June of this year. I'll get a check from time to time. I'm
leaving any of these payments to my son for his sons college expenses.
I'd be glad to talk to anyone and would select someone where we just click on
the project.
Please message me at my  username is ShootNStartz35. However that works in Gimp.

ShootNStarz35 (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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