[Gimp-user] Need to fit Jpg to a full Book Cover Canvas

Ok - sorry guys - I know how to scale an image - and even a canvas - but not
when working with layers

ISSUE - I have a template I downloaded from INGRAM - I can't change those
parameters - it has to stay -  OK fine ...

I did an Add Layer - and tried to put in my main photo as a layer - and when it
loads - only about 1/4 is visible and HUGE in relation to the transparent
template I have behind it ... when I change Scale  OR   Canvas - the template
just seems to get smaller and I still can't get my whole picture to show ...

I am about to just cry ....   I am a newbie - but AM good with the basics - and
have done some stuff in GIMP before ....   and I am good on computers .... but
this has me crying in my soup.

Metella (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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