[Gimp-user] Linux Printing workflow with color management in GIMP git

Hi All,
I think I'm wrong when I print from GIMP because I have a very yellowish
print....a very yellow color cast in neutral zones.

I created a printer profile with ArgyllCMS and seems it works well because
if I test it with xicclu command (for who known Argyll) with neutral Lab
values I got neutral values (Lab->RGB output->Lab).
The issue arises when I print but I think to make a wrong way:

Ok, what I did:

I download a proof image from internet with Prophoto color profile.

When I load in GIMP I keep ProPhoto therefore RGB device values are
ProPhoto RGB.
Then I convert the image into printer profile and I think the values are
converted to RGB values of printer profile based on Lab values of ProPhoto.

Now I should have an image with device (printer) RGB values to send the
printer , haven't I? The printer if matches the ICC profile I created
should "translate" those RGB numbers into colors.

But the image, I view correct on display is very yellowish on the paper.

Is this workflow correct fro printing color managed in GIMP?
Or am I missing something??

I do not know if I'm clear ( English is not my language 😐)


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