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I am a relatively inexperienced gimp user. I was recently asked by
someone to replace the logo of an existing character with a different
logo while maintaining the contours of the original image e.g. muscle
I could use the perspective tool to position the logo on the character
but it would lose the definition lines.

I read about bump maps and other tools, but frankly I'm not sure what
would be appropriate for my project.
I've attached an example of what I'm trying to do. In this case, I
would need to replace the Superman logo with the Batman logo without
losing the definition lines. This isn't the character or logo that
I've been given but I think it's a good example of my problem. Any
suggestions would be welcome. Thanks

Really it is as much artistic as it is Gimp tools.

One way. Use as large an image as you can get, the bigger the better.

Paint out the Superman logo and paint in any contours:

You can get batman logos that already have a transparent background, no need to
remove one. Size that to suit, paste in as a new layer, move and rotate then
apply a little distortion using the IWarp tool. Filters -> Distorts -> IWarp

Before applying a bump map, make the batman logo the full image size, Layer ->
Layer to image size. It has to match the underlying superman image (the painted
in one), otherwise an offset is applied. There is no noticeable light direction
so settings are simple see: https://i.imgur.com/2NWT0P7.jpg

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