Re: [Gimp-user] Any way to resize all the layers in an xcf file to fit the canvas?

On 03/11/18 15:21, Elle Stone wrote:
Hi All,

Of course all the layers can be resized one by one to fit the canvas. But I've been doing a *lot* of rearranging/moving of different groups of layers, and clicking on each layer one by one to resize it is rather time-consuming and involves a lot of clicking. Right now that's 17 layers and four groups.

Is there a magic command, or maybe an easy script that can be run to resize all the layers to fit the canvas, all at once?

Also, does the layer mask resize when the layer is resized?

In case it matters, I'm using GIMP 2.9.8 on Linux.


My trick for this (on 2.8):

- Image>Canvas size and add 1 px, and select "resize all layers"

- Image>Canvas size and remove 1 px, and select "resize all layers"

Otherwise, in the python console:

    image=image=gimp.image_list()[0] # or other ways to obtain image

    for layer in image.layers: layer.resize_to_image_size()

(strike [enter] twice)

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