[Gimp-user] Having trouble changing background color on my canvas?

I'm using Gimp 2.18 on my Mac (High Sierra).  I want to change the
background color on my canvas from white to #696969.  I was trying to
follow the tutorial here --
https://www.gimp.org/tutorials/Changing_Background_Color_1/ , but when
I go to "Filters", I don't see a "Colors" option within it.  Mine has
"Repeat Color Exchange," "Re-Show Color Exchange," "Recently Used >",
"Reset All Filters," etc.  But no "Colors" menu.

Any guidance is appreciated, - Dave

This is the problem when you pick up an old how-to dated "Text and images
Copyright (C) 2002"

Using Gimp 2.8.x (what is 2.18 ?)

1. Mentioned later in the tutorial but first check that the image is in RGB
mode. Use menu Image -> Mode -> RGB

2. The menu to use is now Colours -> Colour to Alpha (step 1) and the default is
white so you should not need to colour pick the background colour (step 2 and
step 3)

3. Apply and that, it will set an alpha channel and all white becomes
transparent (step 4). Note that there might be parts of the image that you want
to remain white.

4. Make a new layer, fill with new background colour, move down (as step 5)

rich: www.gimp-forum.net

rich404 (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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