[Gimp-user] Trouble selecting and moving text

I'm creating a CD panel + label design. I have a a color background layer, I use
the text tool to create a text layer, add the text. Then since the text box with
fonts is in the way of my view I open the move tool. Many times I have trouble
getting the move tool to select the text and move it. It may select the
background color or the whole template guide underneath. I usually then look and
see if the text layer is selected over to the right. I try reselecting it.

If none of that works i go to the Selection tool and hit select all, select none
and keep trying different combinations until I finally get the text to move. I
run into this problem all the time with different panels I'm working with in
this CD panel template. Some panels have a picture along with the text and color

Either I'm doing something wrong or there may be a quirk in GIMP and I need the
workaround. Or maybe I don't need the move tool if there is a way of moving the
text box with fonts is in the way of my view when using the Text tool


GerryPeters (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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