Re: [Gimp-user] file conversion.

On Sat, 2018-07-21 at 08:56 +0000, Hans Monsma via gimp-user-list
Hail the reader
J have 2 requirements

  1.  To convert a normal jpeg to a black and white pic

This is easy. You can use gimp, or most Linux distributions include
ImageMagick and also the netpbm library of commands.

  2.  To convert a raster to a vector.

This is harder and depends on the particular raster image and the
nature of the vecor desired. Inkscape includes a module to try to trace
images into vectors - actually into SVG paths - and you could try that.
it uses "potrace", again packaged for most GNU/Linux™ systems.

But without seeing the image it's impossible to tell for sure. For
example, if there's pictures of pages and pages of text that you want
converted to computer text, you need an optical character recognition
(OCR) program.

Liam (slave ankh)

Liam Quin - web slave for

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